FDA warns giving bone treats to dogs could be deadly

Posted Nov 28 2017 06:11PM EST

Updated Nov 29 2017 05:42AM EST

The Food and Drug Administration says pet owners should think twice before giving their dogs a bone -- even bones packaged and sold as treats.

The FDA says they have received about 68 reports of pet illness related to bone "treats", including approximately 15 deaths. The FDA says the bones listed in reports are commercially-available bones that have been processed and sold as treats with names like "ham bones," pork femur bones," and "rib bones".

According to the FDA, illness in dogs that ate the bone treats as reported by owners and vets include blockages in the digestive tract, choking, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from the rectum, and even death.

In order to keep you dog safe, the FDA recommends you talk with your veterinarian about alternative toys and treats that are most appropriate for your dog and to always supervise your dog with any toy or treat.

The FDA says chicken bones and other bones from your dinner plate can cause injury to pets, so keep plates out of reach of dogs and be careful they can't grab them from the trash.

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