Child rape victim says she was never told her tormentor was paroled after 23 years

A child sex abuse survivor sees her former tormentor inside a car alongside her at a red light.

She says she was never told the man had been let out of prison. Now she can't believe who is fighting to keep him out.

Her name is Tiffany and she's a child rape victim. Her story is one of unimaginable sexual violence. Her only comfort in the last 23 years is knowing the man who molested her several times a day for two years is safely behind bars or so she thought.

"I got tortured on a daily basis," she said.

Violent sexual abuse started for Tiffany when she was just 12 years old.  The man who raped daily for two years?  Her own stepfather an ex-cop named Richard McBrayer. 

"He raped me orally, in both other places, until I missed almost a half a year in my eighth grade year of school because I was so doubled over and my bowels were blocked so bad I almost died," she said.

No one suspected and her stepfather made sure of that by literally holding a gun to her head at times and always watching her.

"He would go to the doctors and he would be on one side of me and my mom would be on the other and he knows he did that to me," she said. "It was almost like he was proud of it, but he would squeeze my hand, like 'Don't say anything.  Don't tell anybody.'"

As is the case with many abuse victims, she thought no one would believe her.  So she got a recorder and taped a phone conversation with her stepfather, the molester.

Tiffany and her mother cling to each other as they listen to the tape that finally put an end to the sexual torture she endured.

McBrayer pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to two 20-to-40-year sentences. That should have been the end of the story, but it's only the beginning.

"He should have never been in that neighborhood, period," she said.

On Easter Sunday of this year, Tiffany was at this intersection near her home.  There, in the car next to her was McBrayer.

"We locked eyes. I felt something then," she said. "I knew that he saw me, but I left still thinking he's in prison."

Tiffany was supposed to be notified if he'd ever been let out, but she says she never was.

According to her and her attorney, Kerry Angie, the state has been trying to parole McBrayer for years and although she, Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith and even Attorney General Bill Schutte has been fighting to keep McBrayer locked up, somehow he was paroled in January.

"That's what led to Tiffany running into her child rapist in the street on Easter day with her child with her," Angie said. "While she thought he was still in prison."

Angie filed appeal of the parole for Tiffany and Judge Kathryn Viviano reversed the parole board's decision to release him.  McBrayer was picked up last week and is being held temporarily at the Macomb County Jail. 

But according to Angie, he's appealing the reversal and could be released while the appeal process plays out.  And Angie fears now he will want to exact revenge.

"He's unstable," she said. "He's dangerous. Nothing is beneath him.  He doesn't have any kind of moral code.  He's a master manipulator and he's out there in the street.  I'm just asking the court to order he be held during the pendency of the appeal."

FOX 2: "It's been 23 years but you're still afraid of him."

"I absolutely am," Tiffany said.

Angie, who was once the prosecutor who fought to keep him behind bars says McBrayer hasn't been rehabilitated and has never taken responsibility for what he did to a child.

"He told the reception and guidance center psychologist at that time that tiffany initiated this relationship, she got me into all this trouble in the first place, she wanted it,"Angie said.

FOX 2: "A 12-year-old wanted anal intercourse?"

Angie: "Exactly."

Tiffany is now a mother of a teenage daughter herself and wants to protect her and other children from McBrayer and says keeping him behind bars is the only way.

"They didn't notify me and they didn't give me a right to appeal and now he's on the street in my neighborhood where he could get ahold of my daughter," Tiffany said. "Who else is going to fight against this monster?  I mean he's the worst kind."

The attorney general's office is required by law to represent the parole board in any appeal they are also representing the other side. According to Bill Schuette's spokesperson Andrea Bitely the appellate division is working to keep McBrayer locked up.

According to the Department of Corrections, all the victim notices were sent out, they do not know why Tiffany did not hear why he was out on parole. They also said that he held down a full-time job and did not break any rules.

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