Fame or Shame: Does the Climb Cart step up to the challenge?

- Lugging loads upstairs is laborious, and two-wheeled hand trucks are taxing. A new device promises a smooth ride upstairs and an undisturbed descent down. It's called the Climb Cart.

It has six wheels that pivot on every stair. It's supposedly very easy to build, too; just pop on the wheels. But does it work?

Rob Wolchek's friends Cliff and Beverly are senior athletes in great shape, but even fitness freaks hate carrying heavy things up the stairs. They join Rob Wolchek for this Fame or Shame to put the Climb Cart to the test.

Right off the bat, Cliff agreed that it was easy to assemble. He was able to pop the wheels right on.

Cliff then headed to the stairs. He tested the Climb Cart without anything on it. He liked going up, but said he was leaning forward too much going down and that the handle wasn't long enough.

Time to test it out with something heavy.

Rob strapped on a case of bottled water.

"It feels better than carrying it, I'll tell you that. But the wheels, you almost still gotta take it step by step," he says on the way downstairs.

Going up?

"I can feel it in the hip area going up. Might be harder going up than going down," he says.

Beverly tried it out, too, but she wasn't very comfortable with it in either direction.

One final test. The trio took the Climb Cart to Cliff and Beverly's church to take in some boxes. But as soon as they hit the steps, the boxes came tumbling off the cart.

The Climb Cart claims it can carry up to 75 lbs. Cliff and Beverly's boxes only weighed 20 lbs. each, and they were hard to handle.


Overall, the Climb Cart didn't seem to step up to its claims.

Cliff said it puts too much pressure on the back, especially for older folks whom the Climb Cart should cater to.

One feature they did like, though, is the Climb Cart bag that attaches for carrying groceries. Beverly says she'd use it only for a small amount of groceries, though -- and only when going up the stairs. She doesn't feel balanced or sturdy going downstairs, and agrees the handle is too short.

SHAME. Cliff and Beverly give The Climb Cart a big 'ole Shame.

Fame or Shame tests aren't scientific; just real people trying out real products.

The Climb Cart costs $39. FOX 2 contacted the company to let them know of our Fame or Shame Results. They didn't issue a comment or statement.

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