Food truck owner refuses to serve police officers

Posted Sep 08 2018 07:33PM EDT

Video Posted Sep 09 2018 04:18PM EDT

Updated Sep 10 2018 12:56PM EDT

(WJBK) - Owner of Rocky’s Road Brew food truck, Rocky Coronado made a bold declaration on social media this week, saying she refuses to serve police out of her food truck in southwest Detroit. 

The post getting some obvious mixed messages after vowing not to serve police because quote “the majority of my neighbors, customers and myself do not feel safe around law enforcement agents.” 

George Azar felt this was very inappropriate.

“I just felt it was pretty inappropriate,” he said. 

Azar is the owner of a restaurant next to where Coronado parks her food truck in Southwest Detroit, he couldn't feel more differently than his neighbor. 

“Here in southwest should be a case study on how to police, in a good way, all the police here they’re all community based, they actually stop in and say hello, how are you,” Azar said.

George grew up here, he says most of the police in DPD’s fourth precinct did too. 

Coronado says she’s refusing to serve law enforcement for the “safety” of her customers, something Azar doesn’t understand.

“I’m like big brother on the block you could say, I was here before all these new businesses came up, and I’m from my neighborhood. I was actually like hey Rocky you should calm down,” he said. 

Because her business is private, she does have the legal right to refuse service to police.

He’s hoping that Coronado changes her tune, because he wants the block to keep thriving together.

“I don’t want her to feel like an outcast however she’s go to maneuver a little different,” Azar said.

President of DPD’s police union Mark Diaz says it’s disappointing to hear this news but says Detroit police will continue to serve everyone in Detroit. 

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