Kathy the 'kon' gets tongue-lashed by judge

- Katica Vitosevic is a master storyteller. Her latest appearance in court comes after she admitted to using a friend's credit card and checks.

She doesn't mind lying to people, including the judge. And she takes it all in stride. Vitosevic AKA Kathy Krstich in court, is still keeping up the con.
"Your honor, my life's resume is filled with great accomplishments," she read aloud in court Thursday.

Not exactly the typical apologetic speech you hear from a defendant before she's sentenced, but then again Kathy is anything but typical.

"She is a narcissist, she is a pathological liar," Judge Martha Anderson said. "I don't believe a word she says."

Earlier this year, I spent months looking for Katica Vitosevic who had been using the name Kathy Krstich as she worked various confidence schemes around Midtown Detroit.
We caught Kathy on camera working at an upscale mid-town restaurant as a party planner. But her boss eventually came to the conclusion that she was using that position to find victims for her money making schemes.

Sarah says Kathy Krstich talked her out of $5,000 to buy a funeral home. Several business owners also told me Kathy Krstich finagled them out of money as well, claiming she was affiliated with the Qline rail system.

Then Sarah learned Kathy Krstich was really named Katica Vitosevic, a convicted stalker and shoplifter. She had arrest warrants out of Wayne and Oakland counties.
Finally, after I exposed her on TV and the Troy Fugitive Task Force put the pressure on her, Kathy - AKA - Katica turned herself in.

On Thursday she was before Judge Martha Anderson in Oakland Circuit Court after pleading no contest to larceny in a building.  This lady changes up the game - depending on her mark.
In this case, Kathy was in a casino and saw a jackpot - an elderly lady the prosecutor says Katica Vitosevic targeted with the sole purpose of victimizing. She says Kathy's behavior was predatory.
The victim was identified as Ms. Franchow. Prosecutor Sydney Turner described what happened next.

"While inside Miss Franchow's home, the defendant then obtained Miss Franchow's checks and access to her charge account and engaged in numerous fraudulent transactions."

The judge sentenced Katica to 120 days and restitution.  

"She lied to this court numerous times," Judge Anderson said. "She presented fraudulent documents to this court."

And true to her bizarre nature, Kathy thanked the judge for putting her behind bars claiming, she needed the break.

"I have spent almost a four-month sentence in the Oakland County jail and totally feel refreshed," she said. "Those days were for me and I claim them."

She is already serving a 90-day sentence for violating probation in Oakland County. Next week she will be in Wayne County for another probation violation. She may find that refreshing as well.

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