Volunteers of America and Gardner White team up to adopt a family for the holiday

Posted Nov 25 2017 08:09PM EST

Video Posted Nov 25 2017 07:52PM EST

Updated Nov 25 2017 09:23PM EST

(WJBK) - The holiday connection project is all about connecting people who want help, with people who need it. 

This year Volunteers of America and Gardner White team up to help a mother of 11 who struggles to give her family the Christmas they deserve after a fire two years ago.

"I didn't have anything to give my children, the only thing I gave them was the love of God and the knowledge of God, so as we were praying, God answered our prayer through Volunteers of America and I am grateful," Mia Tillman said. 

Fox 2 and Gardner White have teamed up every year since 2001 to create the giving guide for the event. People can also stop by Gardner White and adopt a family through Volunteers of America. 

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