Woman attacked by suspected van rapists describes escape

- Terrifying testimony as a woman described the moments when she was kidnapped and assaulted in Hamtramck.

She was calm and composed on the stand facing the men accused of brutally attacking her. The two men accused in three separate kidnapping robbery and sexual assault cases are now headed to trial.

In court Thursday we heard from another victim who went for a bike ride in Hamtramck to relieve some stress - but would soon encounter the most stressful situation of her life.

"That's where the car decided to back up and cut me off," she testified in court.

The woman on the stand described riding her bike on Denton Street in Hamtramck when she almost hit by a dark-colored SUV.

Surveillance video would capture the frightening moments that followed. Both 22-year-old Aaron Steward and 19-year-old Quentin Flemons are accused of abducting the 27-year-old woman in broad daylight.

"At that point both the driver and the passenger got out of the car and dragged me into the trunk of the car," she said.

The woman claims they forced her into trunk, covered her in clothes and concealed her view while Flemons sat on her in the back.

"I start pleading for my life," she said. "I am continually asking not to be hurt, raped or killed. I was very stressed out so I started crying. The man on top of me told me that he doesn't like liars and doesn't like crybabies. At that point I completely shut down.

Investigators say the suspects drove her to a vacant house on Leslie in Detroit, walked her upstairs to a mattress and began to assault her.

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"Then he grabs my pants, the top waist of my pants and drags me closer to him," she said. "He was touching me in appropriately and his intention was to hurt me or rape me or molest me in any way. Saying no, no, no over and over again kind of viciously.

"Then I started praying out loud."

She claims that upset the men who then dragged her down to the basement, tied her to a pole and left her to use her ATM card at a nearby Circle K.

Police showed the surveillance video when they stole a total of $800 from the victim's account. While the suspects were gone, the victim was able to break free.

Panicked and terrified - she ran to two different Detroit homes begging for help - but was denied.

"They said to get the f off their porch, and probably thought I was crazy or something," she said. "I was shoeless with a big binding on my head, sweating and crying."

She finally made it to a nearby gas station. The clerk there allowed her to call Detroit police. She hid in the corner of the store until officers arrived.

Steward and Flemons are accused in two other cases and will now go on trial for multiple counts of kidnapping sexual assault and robbery.

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